Our program helps parents through the teaching of parenting skills and sharing of experiences on how to get through situations with your children in various age groups and behavior changes. This support and education group meets in a conversational Café setting with the ultimate goal of building strong families and promoting child safety through the use of Five Protective Factors.

The protective factors are like fitness equipment to strengthen whatever is weak in your family. They are versatile tools to fix whatever is broken. They can also be powerful medicine to heal whatever is sick.

Mentoring and Cafés are presented on a virtual platform and are usually held for four weeks.

Participants have an opportunity to participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions, which give more support for sharing how the protective factors apply in our daily lives. Our essential Café method provides a series of conversations that then creates a unique environment where surprising and useful outcomes are likely to occur. 


Questions relevant to each of the five protective factors are developed around a variety of subjects i.e. stress, emotional, social, physical, and nutritional health. Participants are encouraged to be engaged in meaningful conversation by providing information from their perspective.

Examples of our conversations

I will continue to have courage during stress or after a crisis

  • What gives you courage during trying times?
  • What does it mean to stay present?

I am curious about my child and respond to their needs

  • How do I know I need more information?
  • What do I rely on when I have questions about my parenting?

My family can access basic needs when they need it

  • What happens when our basic needs are not met?
  • How can my family get their needs met, when I don’t know how the system works?

I have people who know me, friends and at least one person who supports my parenting

  • Who can you count on in your family, neighborhood or community and what does their support look like?
  • What in your family history or culture makes it difficult or easy to ask for help?

My child feels loved, a sense of belonging and can get along with others

  • How does my child know how I feel? How do I know what they are feeling?
  • What builds a sense of belonging for my child?


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