An Early Childhood learning experience designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten

We will work with parents and providers to conduct an in-home preschool education, at no cost. Our online preschool experience for children ages 2 to 5 years old is hands-on and interactive.

Classes are taught virtually by qualified staff two days a week. Supplies to complete online activities will be provided.

Children enrolled will be given access to tablets preloaded with developmentally appropriate learning activities.

What to expect:

  • We will host one Provider and Child Together Time (PACT) at Carver Center or on-line, each month. At PACTs, learning activities will be modeled for providers and we will discuss ways to support and track children’s developmental milestones.
  • During scheduled dates we will conduct vision, hearing, dental and developmental screenings, with parental consent.
  • Parents, providers, and children will have access to the Carver Resource Library to borrow books, toys and other educational materials to support learning.
  • All health and wellness programs at Carver Center are open to any VLP parent or provider at no cost.

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